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Automated Export System (AES) Filing

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Issues and Challenges

In October 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau (Census Bureau), Foreign Trade Division (FTD) developed the Automated Export System (AES) Compliance Review Program. Submitting accurate and timely international shipment information to this system is a time-consuming and error-prone effort. Detailed information about the contents and value of shipments to foreign countries must be collected and submitted to the US Customs AES. Managing compliance with the US Census Bureau requirement to file via AES can be difficult. In this case, companies must fully understand the regulations and requirements to take full advantage of the AES.



How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road enables compliance with US Customs filing requirements by sending export shipment documentation electronically to the US Customs AES. Export information is collected electronically and edited immediately with the ability to detect and correct errors prior to the AES filing. Shippers also have the option to bypass freight forwarders submitting required documentation and submit on their own to avoid costs and errors. With Amber Road's AES filing capability, export records are far more accurate and the ability to track the customs status of every shipment is improved. This ensures compliance with the US laws relating to exporting resulting in lower costs, improved efficiency with fewer errors and enhanced customer service.



Features Benefits

Direct submission to AES

Validate all Customs AES filing rules
Create US Customs files in proprietary format
Monitor all response messages from Customs
Connect messages and original transactions to the AES transactions


Personalize dashboards for the most effective display of data
Manage critical export issues and expedite resolution through automated notifications


Gain visibility into export transaction activities, including shipment data, tracking, screening, historical and current records

Trade Compliance

Conducting global trade is enormously complex due to regulatory controls and reporting requirements. Companies must stay in compliance.

Amber Road’s solutions automate all compliance functions. Our solution performs restricted party screening against blacklists, determines import and export license requirements, generates shipping documents to file with government agencies and creates a complete audit trail.


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"As our customer base continues to grow, we need the ability to address compliance requirements globally and minimize risk without increasing headcount. We found the solution with Amber Road."


Director, Global Trade Compliance


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