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How to Apply

We value knowledge, motivation and integrity. If you thrive on a challenge, and are looking for an environment with scope for personal as well as professional development and advancement, send your resume and cover letter as an attachment, referencing the specific vacancy you are interested in to:

Current Opportunities

Associate Business Analyst
Location: Bangalore, India

Associate Business Analyst plays a key role on the product management team to translate business requirements into detailed functional specifications, to help communicate these specifications to Development and to maintain changes to these specifications in an agile development environment. In addition, the Associate Business Analyst will play a key role in working with the quality assurance team to help develop test plans, certify adherence to functional specifications and deliver a market-ready product.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with 2 – 4 years of experience working in software (enterprise application) development
  • Experience automating complex business processes
  • Global Trade Management or Supply Chain Management domain preferred
  • Strong communication skills and inclusive style. (will ask for samples of written communications and authored specifications)
  • Ability to interact with and influence stakeholders across an organization
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative, prioritize and manage time, and meet aggressive deadlines
  • Knowledge of software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Basic Knowledge of technology structures: Database, XML Technology, Data exchange protocol, Communications
  • Data extraction, transformation and loading, output  (report) design and data queries (SQL)


  • Collaborates with Business Analysts, Product Managers, Trade content subject matter experts, and Development to identify and document future requirements and translate them into functional specifications.
  • Refines requirements with industry standard analysis techniques such as data flow modeling, workflow diagrams, and functional decomposition analysis. The Analyst will confirm requirements through interviews, workshops, and/or existing systems documentation or procedures.
  • Works closely with Development and Quality Assurance to support testing against application requirements. Researches and resolves defects with business and technical teams. Assists the QA team to define and create test data as needed.
  • Compares business requirements to delivered system to ensure all requirements are met and function as designed.
  • Gains expertise in the domain of global trade management domain and the technology platforms of the company.
Associate Software Engineer
Experience: 3 to 4 years
Location: Bangalore, India

Position Responsibilities

  • Code new features and bug fixes for software development projects
  • Produce high quality code, with adequate documentation, within given deadlines
  • Assist in the design of new features and creation of technical specification documents
  • Build expertise in one or few modules of the project codebase, to be able to work on any feature or bug in those areas
  • Build familiarity with all the modules/areas of the project codebase, so you can work on it, if needed or asked to, with the assistance of others
  • Create unit test cases, per team/project requirements and Quality Process standards
  • Perform thorough unit testing, per project/team requirements
  • Conduct code reviews, for your code, with peers on the team
  • Review code written by others as part of peer review process
  • Actively support QA organization in their day-to-day work
  • Work on any customer support or production issues as required
  • Follow all process and quality standards in the areas of:
    • Bug management
    • Version control/source control
    • Unit test case and unit testing
    • Development and test environments
    • Documentation
    • Customer support and issue resolution


  • BE / B.Tech / BCA / MCA or equivalent in Computer Science or Information Technology
  • Required skill set: Java / J2EE, JSP, servlets, Javascript, Ajax, Weblogic, WebSpshere, XML, Oracle, SQL
  • Desired skill set: Create automated unit test cases for all code changes which run as a part of continuous Integration


Associate Trade Specialist (Russian)
Location: Bangalore, India

Amber Road is a leading provider of cloud based global trade management (GTM) solutions and software provider. We automate the global supply chain across sourcing, logistics, cross-border trade, and regulatory compliance activities to dramatically improve operating efficiencies and financial performance.

Automating global trade requires more than software. It also requires trade content. The rapidly changing nature of global trade content demands daily attention to updates, additions, and corrections. When new regulations come into force, they must be immediately reflected in the trade content library and applied to any affected trade transactions within our software.

We are increasing our team of in-house trade content professionals and are looking for passionate graduates with some experience in International Trade who are excited about building and enhancing the world’s most comprehensive database of government regulations and international business rules, within our suite of Global Trade Management (GTM) software. Fluent in (Russian) and English you will be responsible for checking government sources, receiving alerts, and tracking down officials for data, often using our Associate Trade Specialist will carry out research into, gather, translate, interpret,  update and codify the country-specific trade regulations you are responsible for on a daily basis.

Job Description/Responsibilities

  • Masters competently and independently our Global Knowledge® update process for Trade Content the countries assigned to
  • Meets or exceeds customer expectations on timeliness, quality and completeness of assigned projects by working closely with Team Leaders and Product Managers and by following our quality management standards set forth by our ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • Interact with (Russian) and other government officials and a network of professionals in order to assure data accuracy and integrity, often in (Russian) and/or English and other languages (as appropriate)
  • Carries out other, variant tasks assigned by senior management


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in (Russian) language and English
  • Computer skills with excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Keen Interest in global trade regulations and policies
  • A strong team player with effective communication skills.
  • Ability to work with people from different countries and across different time zones.
  • Any degree or background in International Trade, ideally with an MBA or International Business degree is preferred
QA Lead
Location: Bangalore, India

Job Description

  • 8 to 10 Years of experience in testing, 2 to 4 years’ experience in leading the team
  • Hands on experience on both manual & test automation testing of software products
  • Must have strong collaboration, communication and hands-on problem-solving skills
  • Understanding of latest innovations, industrial trends, and emerging technologies in software testing and test automation
  • Possess long-term career path of hands-on technical leadership in addition to management role
  • Writes and executes functional test cases and documentation for assigned portion of application
  • Define testing strategy and testing and execution plan
  • Well-versed with test estimation, risk analysis & Quality metrics
  • Ensuring review of all raised issue by Tester
  • Ensuring 100% coverage of test cases and No missed issues by testing team
  • Track and prepare the report of testing activities like testing results, test case coverage, defects discovered and their status
  • Develop / Extend end to end automation test framework
  • Create and automate reusable business-level tests that are easy to maintain even when underlying feature suddenly changes
  • Provide solutions for automated test and release process
  • Work closely with developers to understand new features and automate their testing
  • Work in Agile SDLC environment
Senior Software Engineer
Experience: 6 - 7 Years
Location: Bangalore, India

BE / B.Tech / BCA / MCA or equivalent in Computer Science or Information Technology

Required Skill set 
Java / J2EE, jsp, servlets, Javascript, Ajax, Weblogic, WebSpshere, xml, Oracle , SQL

Code new features and bug fixes for software development projects

  • Produce high quality code, with adequate documentation, within given deadlines 
  • Design new features and modules. Create high quality technical specification documents and presentations 
  • Develop deep expertise in all modules/areas of the project code base to be able to own and work on any of the areas of the project 
  • Create unit test cases for all code changes, per team/project requirements 
  • Perform thorough unit testing, per project/team requirements 
  • Conduct code reviews, for your code, with peers in your team 
  • Do code reviews for code developed by other team members 
  • Troubleshoot and work on customer support or production issues 
  • Actively support QA organization in their day-to-day work, and assist them in defining test cases, test data and test execution strategy 
  • Work on any customer support or production issues as required 

Follow all process and quality standards, as laid down by the team and organization, in the areas of: 

  • Bug management 
  • Version control/Source control 
  • Unit test case and unit testing 
  • Development and Test Environments 
  • Documentation 
  • Customer Support and Issue Resolution 

Promote process and quality within the team and mentor engineers to follow them. 
Play a key role in leadership activities at the team level.

  • Work with Project Manager and Product Management in defining release content, prioritizing bugs/features, and assist in preparing project plans 
  • Play a key role in the release process -- during pre-production and production deployment and other related activities 
  • Manage the development work of one or more features/bugfixes in a module in a large project, by (informally) managing the work of one or two junior engineers in the team - monitoring their work output, quality and schedule
Software Engineer
Location: Bangalore, India

Position Responsibilities

  • Understand the product thoroughly - code base, domain, customer use cases
  • Understand the framework, the product is built on, including all the APIs
  • Analyze, troubleshoot and find the Root Cause and resolve issues faced during UAT, implementation and production, either by professional services team or customers
  • Implement bug fixes and enhancements and be part of the Core Product releases
  • Setup complex deployment topologies on Websphere and Weblogic clusters to simulate and reproduce customer deployment environments for triaging the issues reported
  • Should be familiar with distributed clustered environment setup and identify and tune the poorly performing application using the Thread dump and Heap Dump analyzing tools and memory profiling tools too. Familiarity of interpreting AWR reports is an add-on
  • Work closely with other teams in Core Engineering, Customer Support, Professional services to collaborate, coordinate and troubleshoot the customer reported issues. Also work with Engineering as part of any sprint/patch release.
  • Build and manage the tools and methods/techniques to efficiently analyze and monitor the deployed the hosted customer applications

Desired Skill set and Experience

  • Must have strong hold with Core Java, JavaScript and good knowledge of SQL with 3-4 years of relevant experience
  • Must have experience working with large scale applications
  • Must have proven experience working on and solving complex technical problems with web applications.
  • Must be proactive in nature and have strong written and verbal communication skills. Possessing inter-personal skills is an add-on. Experience in working directly with customers for troubleshooting technical issues will be highly preferred. 
  • Experience with end to end build and deployment of complex web applications.


  • BE / B.Tech / BCA / MCA or equivalent in Computer Science or Information Technology